This work was exhibited at The Pavillion, Fitzroy Gardens, April - May 2021
This exhibition is part of an ongoing project with my partner Marcel Feillafe. It has come about out of a group exhibition from 2020 through Bus Galleries web Gallery Island Island. The two artists decided to use this opportunity to explore the nature of their relationship as Artists. This exhibition was held in Melbourne's Fitroy Gardens. The works are collage pieces made together at the same time as a kind of drawing battle.
Two Artists. A couple.
Two separate creative lives worth of Data, Information and Personal Belongings. The gathered dross associated with living.

Does a digital accumulation equate to identity?
Does this form of intangible; bit, byte, mega, giga, tera, peta-flop of ineffable stuff require the same level of interrogation as a whole history of questioning relationships to possession?
What began during the 2020 Melbourne lock-down whilst cohabiting in their one bedroom CBD apartment, this ongoing project is an artistic conversation arising from the pairs shared digital archive, personal relationship and personal art practices.
Since the start of this project each artist has agreed to share more of themselves, allow the other to not just see, but explore and dissect part of each others pasts, shared and separate, from their personal digital archives.
This project aims to be fun, not stressful. Light and playful, but also a serious exploration. Setting up parameters and games to ensure that we can move forward and sideways etc.
30 minutes a day. A set task. At the end of the week: 30 minutes, assess and discuss, set up the following weeks tasks in response. Collected material and memories are gathered, shared, re-purposed, remade and recycled, through an ongoing dialogue.
Through this project we have created a new shared space and accumulation for the creation of work, and for play. It is an ongoing negotiation and conversation around respect and trust.
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