Katie Sfetkidis is a multidisciplinary artist living and working on lands of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people.  Her practice is focused on exploring the history of politics and the role of the artist in civic life. Drawing on methodologies and concepts rooted in histories of social practice and performance art, her arts research projects are often long form, spanning many years and frequently involve social engagement including: speaking with the community and participating in varied social activities.  Working with institutions both inside and outside the art world Katie’s projects often lead to numerous and varied outcomes including exhibitions, discursive public events, artist books, performance lectures, drawings and installation.
Notable projects  include; PRESENT/MEMORY: Women's COVID-19 Time Capsule (2020-2022); The Feminist Poster Project (2020-2021);  Dear Minister (2019) and The Mayor Project (2018).In 2020 Katie was appointed the Feminist Emissary for the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre where she is created the Women's Covid-19 Time Capsule. She is currently undertaking a research project We the People; an arts research project that explores the idea of legacy within activism and interrogates why the act of public demonstration is still important, currently being supported by Creative Victoria and Platform Arts, Geelong.

As a collaborating artist Katie has a highly successful career as both a lighting designer and as a production manager, working extensively in theatre, dance and contemporary experimental performance for almost 15 years across Australia and internationally . Katie has received one Green Room Award and has many nominations. Recent credits include:  MALTHOUSE THEATRE: SS Metaphor; Meme Girls; Calpurina Descending MELBOURNE THEATRE COMPANY: Abigail’s Party  JOEL BRAY DANCE: Considerable Sexual License;  Daddy  APHIDS: Easy Riders; Exit Strategies; The Director; A Singular Phenomenon LITTLE ONES THEATRE: Merciless Gods; The Happy Prince; The Nightingale and the Rose; Dangerous Liaisons, Salome, Psycho Beach Party. Katie is currently co deputy chair of the Green Room Theatre Companies panel and has previously sat on both the Independent Theatre and Contemporary Experimental Performance panels. She is also an active member of the Australian Production Design Guild.
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