In 2019, I created a series of postcards sent to all Federal Ministers of the Australia Parliament.
The postcards focused on a range of topics; including First Nations Rights, & Climate Change.
The work was part of my ongoing exploration of civic engagement with the political process. I was hoping through these postcards to spark an ongoing conversation with local members from across the country.

The photograph was taken at Cook's Cottage in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne. This cottage is the reconstructed home of Cook's parents that was gifted to the City of Melbourne in 1934. It currently operates as a tourist attraction, offering visitors a period colonial tourist experience. 
This postcard was sent in January not long after this photograph was taken and encouraged Ministers to repeal a law enforcing local governments to hold citizenship ceremonies on January 26.
I received one response.
Below is the list of Members of Parliament that the postcard was sent to and the name of the one respondent.
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