Madonna Arms

1 – 11 May 2014
Meat Market, Arts House

From the treadmill to the taco truck, Madonna Arms follows the internal struggle of chaos, terror and hope as one woman attempts physical transformation. Madonna Arms is a fantastical exploration of the ways in which power, strength and fitness live and die in the bodies and psyches of young women.

Absurd and ultimately heart-wrenching, this inspired performance work provides an insight into a dangerous cultural logic we have learnt to accept as part of our everyday lives – as futile and devastating as war.

“Romanie Harper’s fittingly spectacular design unites these vignettes – aided by Katie Sfetkidis’ space-age lighting and a blockbuster soundscape by Claudio Tocco.” The Age

Madonna Arms
By I’m Trying To Kiss You
Presented by the 2014 Next Wave Festival and Arts House

Written by Zoey Dawson, Anna McCarthy & Allison Wiltshire
Directed by Allison Wiltshire
Featuring Zoey Dawson, Anna McCarthy & Ella Harvey
Produced by Bek Berger
Sound and Composition: Claudio Tocco
Set & Costume: Romanie Harper
Lighting: Katie Sfetkidis
Video: Romanie Harper & Andre Vanderwert
Stage Manager: Ainsley Kerr
Assistant Stage Managers: Leticia Brennan-Steers & Debbie Yew
Additional vocals by Marrianne Pierce

Image by Theresa Harrison
Photos by Sarah Walker and Pipper Huynh


Matadors and Madonnas star in this gender-bent re-imagining of Oscar Wilde’s cult Biblical tale about religion, sexuality and the desire to be different. Hold onto your head.

Photos by Sarah Walker

30 Aug – 14 Sept, Tower Theatre, Malthouse

Two young men are alone in a palace; one is in love with the Princess Salomé, the other in love with his friend. But when Salomé arrives, she only has eyes for John the Baptist, a prophet who warns all deviants that the saviour Jesus Christ is on His way. Compelled by his abstinence and pious will, Salomé stops at nothing to have him (in the biblical sense). As the moon grows brighter, erotic energy takes over the royal court and the lines between civility and desire are blurred through violent dances for power, melodrama, and the gruesome severing of one very famous saint’s head.

With an 80s New Wave soundtrack and gender-bending cast inspired by the drag balls of Paris is Burning, Little Ones Theatre’s  Salomé promises a bold and risqué theatrical event with the potential for cultish fascination and more than enough eroticism to get you hot under the collar.



Little Ones Theatre and Malthouse Theatre present
By Oscar Wilde

Directed by Stephen Nicolazzo
Performed by Paul Blenheim, Genevieve Giuffre, Alexandra Aldrich, Nick Pelomis, Peter Paltos, Zoe Boesen, Tom Dent
Set Design Eugyeene Teh
Costume Design Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pitt and Eugyeene Teh
Lighting Design  Katie Sfetkidis
Sound Design Nate Edmondson
Dramaturgy/Adaptation Natalia Savvides
Choreography Kurt Phelan
Stage Manager Rebecca Poulter
Photography Sarah Walker