Meme Girls

April 2015 Beckett Theatre, Malthouse Meme Girls / construct their identities in real time – and demand an audience. Experience the sort of post-gender, tongue-in-cheek spectacle that has made Ash Flanders a counter-culture hit. In Meme Girls, this pop-culture addict points his satirical sense of humour squarely at the desperate voices crying out for attention in our online neighbourhood. Packed with the LOLs of a great cat video, this non sequitur performance embraces the YouTube world, where life is ‘click-bait’ and views, shares and likes equate to happiness. Blurring the lines between performance art, drag and cabaret, Flanders presents a love letter to the bizarre and addictive women of YouTube who / broadcast their lives to an online abyss. Director: Stephen Nicolazzo Set Designer: Eugyeene Teh Lighting Designer: Katie Sfetkidis Sound Designers: Pete Goodwin (The Sweats) Stage Manager: Lisa Osborne Photo Credit: Pia Johnson

Calpurnia Descending

13 – 30 November 2014
Malthouse Theatre

By / Sisters Grimm
Created by / Ash Flanders & Declan Greene

Direction / Declan Greene
Set & Costume Design / David Fleischer
Lighting Design / Katie Sfetkidis
AV Design / Matthew Gingold
Animation / Matt Greenwood
Composition & Sound Design / Jed Palmer

Cast / Paul Capsis, Ash Flanders, Sandy Gore, Peter Paltos

David Fleischer’s set and costumes and Katie Sfetkidis’s lighting are richly arresting.  – Stage Noises

The designers (David Fleischer, Katie Sfetkidis, Jed Palmer, Matthew Gingold and Matthew Greenwood) should be commended for their role in bringing Dumont and other characters from the traditional theatre into an increasingly dizzying modern world. – Artshub