Encounters – In Deep Water (development)


In December 2012, I completed a two week development of a new work – In Deep Water- as part of Theatre Works Encounter(s) Program.

The current research I am undertaking, fouces the experience of traveling to the deep sea and the encounters one may have with bioluminescent creatures that live there.  It also explore the different properties of light under water and how these animals use lighting as a language.

I will be working on this piece throughout 2013 in a number of different spaces. From the research I am currently conducting,  I will create an interactive light sculpture within an immersive sensory environment. Audience members to be invited to take a journey into the unknown to meet this light being and communicate with it through the use of light.

To follow the research for this project and see the results from my research and experimentation, I have started a a blog. Check it out here

Currently I am fundraising for a second intensive development at Metro Arts!, Brisbane.  Support this project through Pozilbe.

You can find out more about the Encounter(s) program and the other projects on their website

Images from Encounter(s) development: December 2012