The Soapbox Sessions

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This series of performances works, focused on the re-performance of famous speeches by women, politicians and artists in various institutional context.  It investigates the female voice in relation to understandings of public speech making and power structures.  Speeches included: Julia Gillard’s “The Misogyny Speech”, Betty Churcher’s “Public Pictures” for the Sydney Institute, early suffragette speeches by Australian suffragettes Jessie Street and Jean Beadle and Agnes Quackels “Blawdruk Statement”. These speeches were performed in various sites around the VCA campus, including the gallery space, over the loudspeaker system and as a sound installation.

Video Document of Volume One and Two

Soapbox Sessions Volume One, 2017
Daily performance over five days, 15 – 30min per day.
banner, microphone, amplifier, wooden box

Soapbox Sessions Volume Two2017
performance, loudspeaker, 12:00min

Soapbox Sessions Volume 1,2,3,4,5…,  2017
sound installation, megaphone speakers, steel, 30min