The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant

29 January  – 08 February, 2014
Dirty Pretty Theatre
Theatre Works

Director:  Gary Abrahams
Set Designer: Romanie Harper
Costume Designer : Chloe Greeves
Sound Designer: Chris Wenn
Cast:  Fantine Banulski, Luisa Hastings Edge, Uschi Felix, Anna May Samson, Nikki Shiels, Joanne Trentini

Photos by Piper Huynh and Sarah Walker

Petra Von Kant lives with her personal assistant, Marlene, in a sadistically co-dependent relationship in which she exerts a casual power.  When Petra is introduced to a much younger woman, Karin, she is taken by surprise at the immediacy of her attraction to her. She quickly takes Karin under her wing and offers to help her build a career as a fashion model.

Fassbinder’s preoccupations with the themes of love, mortality, sexuality, power and vanity are all on display in this seminal work from the renowned German film maker and playwright. We are forced to intimately watch as Petra is destroyed by the affair and, like her assistant Marlene, we are powerless help.