Madonna Arms


1 – 11 May, 2014
I’m Trying to Kiss You
Next Wave Festival
Meat Market, Arts House

Director: Allison Wiltshire
Set & Costume Designer: Romanie Harper
Sound Desinger & Composer: Claudio Tocco
Video: Romanie Harper & Andre Vanderwert
Performers: Zoey Dawson, Anna McCarthy & Ella Harvey

Producer: Bek Berger

Photos by Sarah Walker and Pipper Huynh

“Romanie Harper’s fittingly spectacular design unites these vignettes – aided by Katie Sfetkidis’ space-age lighting and a blockbuster soundscape by Claudio Tocco.” The Age

From the treadmill to the taco truck, Madonna Arms follows the internal struggle of chaos, terror and hope as one woman attempts physical transformation. Madonna Arms is a fantastical exploration of the ways in which power, strength and fitness live and die in the bodies and psyches of young women.

Absurd and ultimately heart-wrenching, this inspired performance work provides an insight into a dangerous cultural logic we have learnt to accept as part of our everyday lives – as futile and devastating as war.