Calpurnia Descending

October – November 2014
Sisters Grimm/ Sydney Theatre Company/ Malthouse Theatre 
Wharf 2, STC & Merlyn Theatre, Malthouse

Direction: Declan Greene
Set & Costume Design: David Fleischer
AV Design: Matthew Gingold
Animation:  Matt Greenwood
Composition & Sound Design:  Jed Palmer
Cast: Paul Capsis, Ash Flanders, Sandy Gore, Peter Paltos

David Fleischer’s set and costumes and Katie Sfetkidis’s lighting are richly arresting.  – Stage Noises

The designers (David Fleischer, Katie Sfetkidis, Jed Palmer, Matthew Gingold and Matthew Greenwood) should be commended for their role in bringing Dumont and other characters from the traditional theatre into an increasingly dizzying modern world. – Artshub

Enter Beverly Dumont. Once a major star alongside Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor – this dame could dazzle. But those days are through. This has-been is now a recluse, hooked on hooch and limping toward obscurity as the curtain falls for good. When from the wings comes a not-so-naive ingénue by the name of Violet St Clair, with cheekbones that could cut glass and a body made for sin.

Together they collude on a Broadway hit to resurrect Dumont’s career, but both women are soon caught in a world of paranoia, scandal and remorseless ambition.