29 October – 14 November
Theatre Works

A high camp homage to silent cinema and the ultimate queer hero, The Prince of Darkness. From acclaimed company, Little Ones Theatre (Stephen Nicolazzo, Katie Sfetkidis and Eugyeene Teh) comes a new theatrical event – gothic and erotic with a comic bent. This DRACULA will delve deep into the cinematic history of horror – from Bela Legosi to Gary Oldman, Buster Keaton to Catherine Deneuve, and a soupcan of Nosferatu – and bring it to the stage in all its bawdy desire, and gory glory. With excessive eyeliner. And carnal desire.

“The Melbourne company’s Dracula is one part Artaud, one part Annie Sprinkle. Not so much Theatre of Cruelty as theatre of cruel tease” Chris Boyd – The Australian

Director Stephen Nicolazzo immerses the performances in atmospheric design: Katie Sfetkidis‘ lighting, Daniel Nixon’s gothic sound, and the coffins and curtains and glittering black astroturf of Eugyeene Teh’s set.  – Cameron Woodhead – The Age

…Katie Sfetkidis‘ dramatic lighting design is a highlight with some memorable moments created from its play with darkness and shadows… Myron My – Theatre Press

“The production is triumph of theatrical design and visual storytelling.” – Maggie Journal

Katie Sfetkidis’s lighting is thoughtful and witty… Tim Byrne – Time Out

Interview with Neos Kosmos

Director: Stephen Nicolazzo
Set and Costume Designer: Eugyeene Teh
Lighting Designer: Katie Sfetkidis
Sound Designers: Daniel Nixon
Costume:Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pit

Photos by Sarah Walker

The Lonely Wolf

11-21 June
Lawler Theatre, MTC (NEON)

Harry Haller has two natures; a human and a wolfish one. Each exists solely to harm the other. The wolf is hungry. The wolf is insatiable. The wolf won’t be tamed. The man cannot win.

” …the real triumph of the show was in the design. Jacob Battista’s set and Katie Sfetkidis lighting were beautifully done and kept everything engaged… Sfetkidis’s use of side lighting and work with Battista’s mirrors made for a beautifully surreal but believable environment…” Kevin Turner- Aussie Theatre

Director: Gary Abrahams
Set Designer: Jacob Battista
Costume Designers: Chloe Greeves
Lighting Designer: Katie Sfetkidis
Sound Designers: Daniel Nixon

Photos by Lachlan Woods

The Collected Works of Victor Bergman



4 – 14 December 2014 . Fortyfive downstairs

‘I never want to see you again.
I never want to see you again.
I never want to see you again.

…call me back.’

Once upon a time in Romania, Aaron Orzech and his girlfriend met a strange and powerful man named Victor Bergman. The next day, he married them in the village of Voroneț. By the third day, he was gone, but for days and weeks and months afterwards he haunted Aaron’s life.

Performed by Brian Lipson and Aaron Orzech, The Collected works of Victor Bergman is the debut work by The Family. It begins with Aaron’s real life encounter and tumbles into a nightmare world of paranoid fantasy. Integrating stories, photographs, and interviews, the work explores the intrusion of a stranger into a person’s psyche.

The Family is a new theatre company created by Aaron Orzech and Romanie Harper. This show is conceived by Aaron Orzech, Romanie Harper, Zoey Dawson, James Paul, Katie Sfetkidis and Brian Lipson





House of Yes – Little Ones Theatre

27 November – 13 December
Theatre Works

An acidic satire about class, incest, innocence, and mental illness in the vain of Douglas Sirk’s 1950’s melodramas, The House of Yes is a disturbingly camp theatrical experience centered around a deranged family of JFK enthusiasts.

The set of The House of Yes sits in a sinister light a synthetic neon glow, all glitz and coldly pink; both lighting (Katie Sfetkidis) and design (more remarkable work from Eugene Teh) deserve a special mention – Australian Stage

Director: Stephen Nicolazzo
Set Designer: Eugyeene Teh
Costume Designers: Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pitt and Eugyeene Teh
Lighting Designer: Katie Sfetkidis
Sound Designers: Russell Goldsmith and Daniel Nixon
Production Manager: Rebecca Poulter
Stage Manager: Harriet Gregory

Calpurnia Descending

13 – 30 November 2014
Malthouse Theatre

By / Sisters Grimm
Created by / Ash Flanders & Declan Greene

Direction / Declan Greene
Set & Costume Design / David Fleischer
Lighting Design / Katie Sfetkidis
AV Design / Matthew Gingold
Animation / Matt Greenwood
Composition & Sound Design / Jed Palmer

Cast / Paul Capsis, Ash Flanders, Sandy Gore, Peter Paltos

David Fleischer’s set and costumes and Katie Sfetkidis’s lighting are richly arresting.  – Stage Noises

The designers (David Fleischer, Katie Sfetkidis, Jed Palmer, Matthew Gingold and Matthew Greenwood) should be commended for their role in bringing Dumont and other characters from the traditional theatre into an increasingly dizzying modern world. – Artshub

Thérèse Raquin

14 – 30 August  2014
Theatre Works
World Premiere
Adapted and written by Gary Abrahams
Based on the novel by Emile Zola

Based on and adapted from the 19th Century Emile Zola novel Thérèse Raquin tells the story of a young woman trapped in a life of servitude and the desperate measures she will undertake to free herself from her circumstances. Forced by her adoptive mother and aunt to marry her sickly cousin, Camille, Thérèse lives an unhappy and resentful life. When Camille moves the family to Paris Thérèse is doomed to a life of servitude and unhappiness working in her Aunts downstairs haberdashery. When one day Camille brings Laurent, a friend, to visit he unwittingly sets in motion a series of cruel and devastating events that will ruin all their lives.

Directed by Gary Abrahams
Set Design by Jacob Battista
Costumes by Chole Greeves

Cast: Elizabeth Nabben, Paul Blenheim, Marta Kaczmarek, Oliver Coleman, Aaron Walton, Rhys McConochie, Edwina Samuels

Katie Sfetkidis’ lighting design depicts the flawed characters by giving us faces in half-light and wonderful shadows. Sfetkidis engenders the right kind of eeriness and foreboding – nothing was going to end well with this story” – Theatre People

 “All are supported by a design (Jacob Battista: set, Katie Sfetkidis: lighting) that create a claustrophobic Paris flat that feels both light and gloomy and transforms to a water-filled lake with a touch of simple genius” – Sometimes Melbourne

Images by Lachlan Woods