In Deep Water – ARCHIVAL


In Deep Water takes the deep sea as its point of reference to imagine a mysterious world  in the depths.

The work is an investigation of darkness of the deep sea as a place of wonderment.The research for this work focuses on the life and activities of bioluminescent marine animals that live in the deep seas.  Artists Katie Sfetkidis and Ian Moorhead create an immersive and contemplative experience, using sound and light to provide glimpses into this unexplored dark corner of the world.


In Deep Water premiered at Theatre Works as part of the Festival of Live Art, Melbourne in March 2014


This work has been made possible through the generous support of Theatre Works, Melbourne, !Metro Arts, Brisbane, Underbelly Arts Festival, Sydney and The Keir Foundation.

In Deep Water


Video from the Encounter(s) development

In Deep Water from katie sfetkidis on Vimeo.