The Lonely Wolf

11-21 June
Lawler Theatre, MTC (NEON)

Harry Haller has two natures; a human and a wolfish one. Each exists solely to harm the other. The wolf is hungry. The wolf is insatiable. The wolf won’t be tamed. The man cannot win.

” …the real triumph of the show was in the design. Jacob Battista’s set and Katie Sfetkidis lighting were beautifully done and kept everything engaged… Sfetkidis’s use of side lighting and work with Battista’s mirrors made for a beautifully surreal but believable environment…” Kevin Turner- Aussie Theatre

Director: Gary Abrahams
Set Designer: Jacob Battista
Costume Designers: Chloe Greeves
Lighting Designer: Katie Sfetkidis
Sound Designers: Daniel Nixon

Photos by Lachlan Woods