Dark Matters

The artist invites you to come to her party! Dancing music, disco balls, games and enough sugar to keep everyone buzzing, this party is every 16 year old girls dream.   If you’re lucky you might even get some time out.

Dark Matters from storybottle on Vimeo.

Dark Matters is a Live Art exploration of our experience of darkness and dark spaces.  It aims to question our preconceived ideas of darkness as a place of fear.   This participatory work, invites the audience to an immersive experience of the social and the solitary, light and the dark. It invites the audience to party with others and experience a little piece of darkness just for themselves.

This piece was originally developed as part of Punctum’s Seedpod program in 2010.  As part of Katie’s research for the piece, she camped alone without light at Melville Caves, Victoria in the middle of winter.

“Dark Matters is a rare kind of performance where there are no actors, and light and sound design take centre stage…participants, unaware, contribute to the sensory design of the installation, and become pawns in this dark and unnerving game” –  Eugyeene Teh at Promptside