Folio: here, in the sugarcane by Erin Kelly

Production Photos

Director: Brigid Gallacher
Writer: Erin Kelly
Producer/Publicist: Bek Berger
Lighting Design: Katie Sfetkidis
Costume Design: Hannah Cuthbertson
Make Up Design: Isabel Zbukvic
Set Design/Construction: Ashlee Hughes
Photographer: Sarah Walker


Elly Varrenti for The Age :

Robert Reid at Theatre Alive: /Here_in_the_Sugarcane_Robert_Reid_2_February_2012_121116

Vera Poh at To Dad with Love:

Siobhan Argent at Artshub:

Publicity Material

Here, In The Sugarcane is journey of three sisters surviving the searing heat of an Australian summer, trapped in no more than a small patch of sugarcane. There is no shade, there is no water, there is no food. All these sisters have is an armchair, a tape player and each other.

Developed as part of the Play Writing Australia Re-Gen development, Erin Kelly’s Here, In the Sugarcane deals with the extraordinary ways that people deal with loss and the extremes they will go to to avoid it.

February 1st (Preview) 2nd – 4th, 7th-11th, 8PM
Studio 246, 246a Sydney Rd, Brunswick