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I have just found out that this great Festival has lost it’s funding 3 months away from its opening.  I have been to TINA many years ago and know many great artists who have shown their work here.  Also this year, this little Lighting Designer will be showing the latest progress of my exploration in the dark,  my now titled Dark Matter’s installation will be part of the CRACK Festival, as part of this year’s TINA.

Please support it you can.

See below for more details and Donate here:

Ever been to TINA….
Established in 1998, This Is Not Art (TINA) is a multidisciplinary arts festival held annually in Newcastle, Australia. The festival was established to support the development of experimental and emerging arts practice in Australia.

In June 2011, TINA was notified that it’s current triennial funding would not be renewed. Devastating to say the least.

What this means is that 3 months away from the festival opening, the TINA operational budget is $18, 000 short of it’s annual financial need.

TINA provides a platform for innovative and passionate culture makers to conceive, collaborate and critique. Each year TINA supports in excess of 300 Australian artists. This includes: musicians, designers, writers, performers, electronic artist, thinkers, actors, dancers, visual artists and researchers. The festival hosts hundreds of forums, performances, exhibitions, showcases, panels and happenings over five days. TINA is a vital platform for the future of Australian arts practice, and supports the most imperative section of this: the artists.

Historically events at TINA are free to attend, and specifically: every event at TINA 2011 will be FREE. We believe in an open access festival without the hindrance of socio-economic boundaries.

TINA is now calling on the amazing community of Australia to lend it’s support towards the development of a culturally diverse, rich, and sustainable arts sector.

If you have ever been to TINA….
If you support the Arts….
If you believe that emerging artists are vital….

Then please donate to this national cause, and invest in the future development of Australian art.

We have set our fundraising target at $4000, however we are ultimately trying to cover a $18, 000 deficit. Donations in excess of our target are warmly welcomed.

Donations will be received by TINA’s administering body: The Octapod. Octapod have DGR status, and thus donations over $2 are tax deductible.  Whilst there are denominations recommended, any and all donations of any size are greatly appreciated!

With thanks, love and respect

This Is Not Art

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