World Tour: New York – Broadway Lighting Master Class

I have now been in New York City for the past two weeks and I am having a marvelous time.  I have spent countless days in galleries and evening watching a range of great theatre.

My time on Broadway:

Kevin Adams "Passing Strange" 2008

The first few days were spent at Live Design’s Broadway Lighting Master Class, which was incredibly inspiring. Speakers at the class included: Jules Fischer, Kevin Adams, Christopher Akerlind, Donald Holder and Peggy Eisenhauer.

All the classes and speakers were amazing;  Kevin Adams and Christopher Akerlind were particular highlights.

Adams use of domestic fixtures was of great interest to me, given the nature of my own work. His inspiration draws heavily on visual arts practice of  artists such as Dan Flavin, Christian Boltanksi and Robert Irwin which struck a cord with my own practice.  Through a discussion of his work, it was exciting to see the potential possibilities of how to transfer such an idea into larger scale productions.  Furthermore, Adams use  of simple bold colours is simply breathtaking.  It has makes me want to use more colour in my own work.

Kevin Adams "American Idiot" 2010

Christopher Akerlind’s class on the other hand was a completely different pace.  His philosophical musing about lighting for theatre were a pleasant surprise that have left me pondering.  The essence of Ackerlind’s class was to think of each  light being a ‘ beautiful’ ‘gesture’ that can stand alone in space and time.   It is a magical idea, and one that has stayed with me.

The course was a great success for me,  I  only wish it had gone for longer.  I feel so inspired to continue to explore ideas I have been working on for a long time and also to try a whole host of new things.  I am looking forward to trying things out when I get home.  A huge thank you to both Australia Council and the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, without their support this would not have been possible.