Folio: These are the Isolate

These are the Isolate

written by Katy Warner

Directed by Marcel Dorney

Performed by Katy Warner and Tim Wotherspoon



Alison Croggon at theatre notes

Marcel Dorney’s production effectively exploits the cavernous darkness of Theatre Works to evoke a shifting inner world, with Katie Sfetkidis’s stern lighting picking out or concealing the performers in an abstract theatrical reality”

Ricci-Jane Adams at International Bestseller

“The other outstanding element of the production is the use of the cavernous space that is TheatreWorks… It was a revelation that so much can be achieved with so little and much of this success is in the hands of lighting designer Katie Sfetkidis”

Tammy Shmerline at Stage Whispers 

“…Katie Sfetkidis’s innovative and unspoiled lighting design…was punchy and seamless, and ensured the whole use of the stage”

Andrew Fuhrmann at Curtain Call for Crikey