upwards and onwards

A few exciting things have been happening for this little lighting designer lately.

Firstly I recently found out that I have received an Artstart grant from Australia Council; with part of this grant I will be moving into a little office space in Langridge Design Centre as soon as I can get myself organised and find some time to move- hopefully this week.

The other exciting event  that is fast approaching is my Seedpod development with live arts organisation Punctum; the same group that made in habit. I will be going up to Castlemaine in August and September to develop  a light based installation exploring ‘fear of darkness’

Through my initial research, I have found myself  dreaming of an night sky unpolluted by excessive city lights.  So, as part of the research for the project this little city girl is getting back to nature and  trudging off into the wilderness to spend a night, alone in the bush.

At this stage, I not sure if I more frightened by the darkness or the idea of being alone all night, in the middle of on where with nothing to do.

The research will take place at Melville Caves, just outside of Bendigo, once a hideout for a local bush ranger, Captain Melville; who knows, maybe I will be lucky enough to see a ghost.  Over the next few weeks I will be busily getting ready for this little overnight adventure and will hopefully have more to report once I get back.  For the moment, here are a few pictures from my day trip to the caves last week.

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