Beware of the elephant

Here’s a flyer for a little something I am working on for the 2010 Next Wave festival.  Two nights only!

‘No one could ever make a show about the day many years ago – when an elephant rampaged through Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station!!’ Well, four chaps have now come forward – claiming not only that they’ve done just that – but that they were there when it happened and are in fact recreating this amazing event. ‘In 2009, the group spent a week in the stations fabled ballroom & clock-tower areas, with purpose to making this performance. Station Master Bluster, the groups apparent leader recently stated… ‘We presented an initial performance in the ballroom as the first in a trilogy of shows about this tale. Now we are ready to give this town our second: “Beast of Hoof and Trunk!” ‘

Those in the know will be familiar with the circumstances surrounding this event: how the stations blueprints were switched round with the train station blueprints for Mumbai. Thus it was that the beast was to visit from the north, to play in the elevator designed for it’s impressive proportions!

May 19 & 20 at 10pm
$10 0n the Door
at 1000Pound Bend,
361 Little Lonsdale st,

For more information see the Tar Pit webite

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