eat your grain lorraine!

It’s been a mammoth week.  Just got home from Sister’s Grimm’s When Lorraine Stops Falling, which if you missed it, is too bad because it was one night only.  However you can come a catch their next show in March, Little Mercy,  more details coming soon but in the mean time check out their website.

Acts has just finished its second week and is going really well.  We’ve had a couple of great reviews, check them out at theatre notes and also neandellus.  If you haven’t seen it yet, its still on for another week.

After 6 months,  in Habit is kicking off this week, which is slightly frightening and also very exciting.  Check out the launch on Wed 3rd at c3 gallery, from 6pm-8pm and find out what its all about.  There are programs  around town so grab one while they last.  They are the most beautiful little packages and won’t be around too long I would think, alternatively you can check out the program online here.

Somewhere in amogst all this I’ve watched this great documentary Visions of Light, its a history of cinamatogrpahy and it’s has totally rocked my world and inspired me to watch a whole bunch of movies.  This week I watched McCabe and Mrs Miller, it’s pretty stunning, see pic at top of post.

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